Welcome to a new, amazing, exciting and fun way to learn English basics!

English Fundamentals - Practice is a supplemental, online course written by Gabriele Stobbe. Designed in conjunction with the English handbook, the course will help all English language learners build a foundation quickly and effectively. Practice has a matching Spanish online version, Práctica, to go along with the ESL handbook Fundamentos de inglés para hispanohablantes. 

Everything that is needed to learn English is presented simply and in a well-organized fashion. Texts are brief; we removed the fluff! The focus is on building comprehension of basic language fundamentals, so there is no need for memorization of any kind. Over the course of eight chapters, key concepts are repeated many times to help solidify basic skills and build confidence. Explanations are based on fun illustrations, charts, and diagrams with real world images to support comprehension of knowledge. Finally, lessons conclude with interactive practice and chapter tests to verify what has been learned. 

Get started, and discover the fun in “effortless” learning that we offer!

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Best Practices:

Please review the attached Best Practices before beginning the course.

Course curriculum

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    Course Overview- Welcome!
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